Resources about Risk Management

We buy insurance as a hedge against financial loss. In addition to insurance, there are steps that individuals and businesses can take to reduce the risk of accident and injury. Collectively, these steps are called risk management, and they can be applied to many aspects of our work and personal lives.

In partnership with the insurance companies we represent, SG&D maintains a library of risk management articles. Please download and use any of the articles on this page. If you need information on a subject not covered here, please call. We will help you find the risk management information you are looking for.

subject: data security  
title: CyberSecurity Fact Sheet
This check list explains how businesses can prepare for and handle a data security breach, an event that is becoming all too common in our high-tech business environment.
subject: business auto  
title: Driver-owned Vehicles Used for Business purposes
This article explains how personal and business auto insurance applies to employees who use thier own vehicles for company business.
subject: financial responsibility  
title: Introduction to Certificates of Insurance
This article explains why insurance certificates are needed, and the forms that can be used to show financial responsibility.
subject: hurricanes  
title: Hurricane Preparedness
The article describes steps that property owners, both business and individual, can take to reduce hurricane-related property damage.
subject: flood  
title: Understanding Flood Map Modernization
FEMA's Flood Map Modernization program gives business and residential prooperty owners updated information about local flood risks.
subject: winter weather  
title: Protect Your Property From Severe Winter Weather
The article contains a checklist of steps businesses can take to prevent winter weather losses.
subject: employee benefit plans  
title: Fiduciary Fraud Prevention
Admdinistration of empoyee benefit plans is a complex undertaking. This article offers loss prevention guidelines for plan managers.
subject: homeowners insurance  
title: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset
Insuring a home to 100% replacement cost is the best way to protect your property
subject: life insurance, long-term care, annuities  
title: Peace of Mind
Family finances can be protected by taking three important steps.
subject: business crime  
title: Guide to Preventing Workplace Fraud
All businesses are vulnerable to workplace fraud. This article outlines steps that can be taken to prevent it.
subject: construction sites  
title: Construction Sites
Construction managers can prevent injuries and minimize losses on job sites by following the checklist contained in this article.
subject: theft  
title: Construction Equipment Theft
Loss control professionals and insurance agents are working together to make construction sites less vulnerable theft targets.
subject: nonprofit boards  
title: D&O Loss Prevention Guidelines for Nonprofit Organizations
Knowledgeable governance and sound risk management practices can protect the personal liability of nonprofit board members.
subject: director liability  
title: D&O Loss Prevention
Executive liability threatens corporations large and small. Sound D&O loss prevention combines insurance, solid corporate governance, and expert legal advice.
subject: employee safety  
title: Preventing Restaurant Employee Slips and Falls
Restaurant managers can take important steps to prevent employee injury in the slippery conditions often found in restaurants.
subject: home safety  
title: Candle Safety Tips
Homeowners can take important steps to prevent fires from open flame candles.
subject: work comp  
title: Rapid Reporting Cuts WC Claim Cost
After a work-related accident, the best way to control the cost is to report the claim proptly.
subject: work comp  
title: Management Safety Policy
To achieve maximum safety program benefits, management must commit to employee accident prevention.
subject: work comp  
title: Accident Investigation
Identifying unsafe acts and conditions can prevent future accidents..
subject: product safety  
title: Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008
An amendment to the 1972 Consumer Product Safety Act creates tighter requirements for consumer and children's products.
Subject: employee dishonesty/crime download
 title:  The Law at Work
Employers now have  greater access, through an online database to criminal record information.